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Following the worst crisis of the last 60 years, the rules of the game have changed drastically. Funds now experience an exodus of LPs and shareholders. Developers are finding that the downturn necessitates a well defined and sharper strategy to ensure survival. And for those who are ‘blessed’ with cash, there are several opportunities to be seized. We can help you in the following ways:

A famine unavoidably leads to the survival of the fittest. When capital is scarce - because of the denominator effect, risk aversion and so on—you must ensure you retain your competitive advantage and remain in the top league.

We can help you:
  • Re-evaluate your industry positioning and strategy: your industry role, sector and geographical specialisation
  • Reposition your company for growth: identify suitable risk-capital and service income activities
  • Fine-tune your business plan to achieve your goals, taking into account the cycle and your risk and capital constraints
  • Identify potential synergies with other players in the sector and take advantage of the unique buying opportunities that the downturn provides

Deficient or inefficient procedures can mean unnecessary risk exposure, reduced returns and disgruntled investors or shareholders. In these difficult times, the impact can be more pronounced - especially if you are a listed entity. Please refer to our dedicated sections for funds or developers on how we can help you.

You are a cash-rich entity that decides to take advantage of the various opportunities available in property markets today. Remember - acquiring an asset, portfolio or operational entity at a ’distressed’ price is one of the most effective ways of generating value. This however is not a straight forward process. You need to know the exact origin of this distress. There will be obvious reasons as well as others, not so obvious ones that lie in the depth of the asset or the operation. And although the buyers are dictating their own tempo, there will be times when a really good opportunity will come with its own compressed timeframe.

We can assist you in making the right decisions with confidence by:

  • Devising a detailed business plan to identify the risk and return profile of the potential transaction, with particular emphasis on potential value-add initiatives
  • Orchestrating legal, technical, property and market due diligence, with the appropriate focus on the relevant risk factors
  • Providing crucial input in the negotiation of the relevant documentation to mitigate risks

Successful property investment and development requires the confluence of a number of factors: good assets, local experience, competent management as well as an adequate and efficient capital structure. The owner of a prime asset, for instance, is not necessarily the best operator and may lack the necessary capital to put the asset in its optimum use. With first-hand experience as principals, the team is adept at advising on all matters relating to joint ventures: sourcing of partners, negotiation of relevant agreements and post-closing management and monitoring.

Typical situations include :
  • An investor and a series of developers (each specialising in a particular geography) to develop and co-own a particular type of property asset across several regions
  • A site owner teaming up with a Developer for the development and joint ownership of the completed asset
  • A Developer and an Investor, for the co-ownership and co-management of a completed asset
Each JV agreement is bespoke and depends on the contribution and the risk appetite of each partner.

Our team has extensive contacts and working relations with debt and equity providers across Europe and beyond. We can help you with your capital structure using innovative and flexible structures:
  • Debt financing
  • Equity and Hybrid instruments: profit participating, preferred equity, mezzanine etc
We will help you model your asset or portfolio, test it for various sensitivities or ‘what ifs’, design a capital structure that will balance flexibility with cost and help, identify potential providers and help you with the structuring and closing of the facility.

Where the best strategy the disposition of all or part of your portfolio, 8GCP is uniquely placed to extract the maximum value. This we achieve by knowing the audience that will value the target the most as well as the way to structure the sale to maximise value.

The team has extensive capital markets and marketing experience. Coupled with first - class contacts in the investment community, this enables 8GCP to conduct the process effectively. Our approach revolves around:
  • Developing a ‘story’ for each asset, backed by rigorous underwriting
  • Implementing short-term performance ‘fixes’
  • Market portfolios as individual assets, in sub-portfolios or in their entirety, as to maximise investment value
  • Keeping surprises at bay by performing comprehensive vendor's due diligence (in collaboration with other tax, accounting, building and other consultants)
Having been investors ourselves, we spot the synergy potential and the investment rational for every potential investor we identify.

Each transaction is managed personally and we maintain an active role, from pre-marketing all the way through negotiations, documentation and closing.
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