Asset Performance Enhancement

Property markets are slowly recovering, albeit at different speeds. One thing is common though:
  • You can’t rely on price inflation for performance
  • Financial engineering doesn't do the trick any more
  • ‘Buyers of last resort’ are now extinct
You must ensure you put your assets to work.

We will review each asset in your portfolio and articulate a clear business plan to extract value. We deal with all aspects which affect performance:
  • Income (rents, lease terms, income quality, new sources of income etc)
  • Non-recoverable expenditure (eliminate inefficiencies in the service charge budget and collection mechanism)
  • Physical attributes of the asset (ensure alignment of the design & tenant mix parameters with investment objectives)
  • Management
  • Market positioning (engineer appropriate capex programmes -refurbishments, redevelopment)
  • Capital structure
  • Portfolio synergies
  • Unleash and maximise development potential
Why choose us

Performance enhancement requires specialised skills and experience that may not be readily available within your organisation. This could be because property is a non-core business, because of lack of critical mass or simply because your team set-up has not experienced such a severe downturn before.

8GCP will act as your operational partner and carry out all the agreed value-add initiatives. Our experience on large and multi-jurisdictional portfolios allows us to tackle from the simplest to the most complex problems and apply creative solutions.
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